North Dakota Chess Association

Members of the NDCA Hall of Fame

Stephen A. Popel (inducted in 1983)

Olav Kraav (inducted in 1987)

Abe M. Thompson (inducted in 1987)

Somner Sorenson (inducted in 1988)

Ronald R. Schauer (inducted in 1993)

Leonard Crouse (inducted in 1995)

Doris Fisher (inducted in 1995)

Arthur Bayley (inducted in 2000)

LaMoyne Splichal (inducted in 2003)

Mike Sailer (inducted in 2007)

Cliff Berger (inducted in 2008)

Brian Thompson (inducted in 2011)

Nikita Barabanov (inducted in 2016)

Marvin Johnson (inducted in 2016)

Dale Sailer (inducted in 2017)

Todd Wolf (inducted in 2018)